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Lemon cupcakes :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 5 6 Batsy (notmine) :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 3 1
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Kio (gore) :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 4 5
Doodles! :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 3 1 (WIP) Lizzy! :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 5 1 Experiment K characters :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 3 19 Bidybab designs! :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 4 30 (Idk.. uh) inner me :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 4 43
It Dark
I found it funny when they ran. They always did in the game. But these two... the look of shock, then horror, and then terror. I didn't blame them. I had been their best friend hadn't I? Then they split, ran in two different directions. It wouldn't be hard to find them. This place was endless, and yet incredibly tiny in size. They could wander for days or weeks without moving more than a hundred feet. I would find them. If they were stupid they would find me. And with that would come death. A bullet or two. A few knife stabs. In this place there was no one to catch me. There was nowhere for them to put me. My hand went to my hoodie pocket, feeling the cold metal of both the 1983 Desert Eagle and the hunting cleaver. Both were far from my favorite but they would do. Try clinked together with each step I took. Which was I going after again? Oh right. The Brit. She would be a quick one. She was injured, and probably sick. The Eagle would do for her. If I could aim properly. I never was mu
:iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 1 5
OC Charlie :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 1 0
Ruby mixes with Diamond
Dripping from this rock
A sandstone figure
Slate watches as
The veins trickle away
The gold is gone
The silver is gone
All that's left
Are the rubies and diamonds
Coal is forming
Lava heating up
An earthquake comes
Shaking, trembling, cracking
Stone shattering
The figure is broken
Rubies and Diamonds flowing
Blood mixing with Tears
:iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 1 5
Lookit my Pops! :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 3 209
Balloraby fic
Ballora stared down at the snoring figure in front of her, debating whether or not to wake her. A loud thump from another room quickly convinced her. She shook the form gently, whispering her name. She got a grunt in response, Baby batting at her in her sleep. "Baby. Wake up please..!" An annoyed groan came from Baby's lips as she cracked open an eye. Her emeralds meeting Balloras violet. "B-Ballora..? Wha-?" She glared at her groggily. "It's late.. go to sleep..!" Ballora frowned. "I-I can't. It's too dark.. and t-the music box isn't helping tonight..." a sigh. "You want to sleep with me?" She nodded, glad that the dim light was hiding her blushing face. "Alright.." Baby scooted over, making room for the smaller woman. Ballora climbed in beside her, snuggling closely to the ginger. Baby wrapped her arms around Ballora, kissing her forehead gently. "Goodnight, cupcake.." Ballora purred in response, easily drifting off to sleep in Baby's arms.
:iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 9 9
Gaster WIP 2 :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 1 0 Kio's mask :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 2 0 UntitledME :iconzanedonnieluver:ZaneDonnieluver 0 0


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Electro hates people seeing him cry. He thinks that he always has to be happy. That's his "job" to be happy, make his sisters happy, pull pranks, and tell jokes. If he is crying or not feeling good, then he'll put on a fake smile and try to pretend nothing is wrong. He will usually break and collapse into a tiny ball, and sob when people pressure him about it. 

I'm gonna start posting little facts about the FNAF SL characters in the status. Just when ever I come up with them. Because my master list of all the characters and the Au details has been collecting dust for months now. And I haven't bothered to do anything with it. I'll probably start on the smaller characters (minor I should say) and work my way up to the entire Au. So expect status spam! XP
Lemon cupcakes
Actually tried piping for the first time! Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. No you can't steal em. But their lemon with the lemon butter cream. (Don't eat too much or else you'll get sick like me. And chub)
Batsy (notmine)
I DIDNT DRAW THIS IF YOU COULDNT TELL. :iconrandomwords247: she drew this for me so that I could do an icon commission. And... idk how submit stuff to just stash so... THANKS RANDY 
The darkness is engulfing, terrifying. There is only black. Even when I open my eyes, there is nothing but inky darkness. I have learned to "see" in a way. I can sense when I am near objects and people. I no longer trip. I dance my way through the obstacles. But still. I stare at nothing, /see/ nothing, only darkness.
It is painful to think what I can't see. I can't see the kids smiles. How their faces light up when they see me dance. How they smile and laugh, and sing along to the songs. When they leave, and we must go back underground, I think about it. I try to imagine their beaming faces. And when I am alone, I think, dream about being able to see them.
It makes me almost sick to think that I have never seen /her/. My love, my partner, my boss too. I have felt her touch, heard her voice, her laugh. I have tasted her, kissed her too many times to count, but my eyes do not, can not see her.
She has described herself as my hands explored her. I can imagine what she looks like perfectly. Pigtails, blushing cheeks, smiling lips, every chubby curve displayed in my minds eye. I can tell her my childish fears. How the dark scares me. How I wish I could see her. She laughs it off. Giving me little gifts to chase away the nightmares. Kissing away the tears when it becomes too much, the dark too overwhelming. When the nightmares are too terrifying for me to sleep alone. And she doesn't mind at all, not when I cry, not when I wake her up, either with my screaming or my frantic attempts to wake her.
She has taught me to tolerate the darkness, even like it sometimes. When we are alone, when I have her all to myself. In a room where no one can interrupt us, and we are alone in the dark.
She is like a rock. Something for me to catch onto, to hold tight. Something that I never want to let go. Thats why she is mine. That's why I love her. Because she, is my light in the dark.


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Alex Zaney Wolf
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi! I'm Alex, and i love to draw and color, especialy in photoshop. :)
I like:
Games/Shows Minecraft, Ninjago, TMNT, Teen Titans (both), Mario and Luigi (yes it is a show and a game), Phineas and Ferb, the 7D, and a bunch of others that would just clog this page :P
Colors: Purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, black, and green.

I dislike: Idiots :), RobinxRaven (Teen Titans), FRIGGEN CREEPERS!!, not being able to color in a base because it is not "compatable" with Photoshop, and not being able to see my best friend. :(

i will try to post one-shots and poems. And i have several fanfic ideas that i might post here. :)
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